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Today is Monday; and you know what that means. Today is the day of intuition so this is the day we will be looking at our Weekly Intention spread that was created by Brown Girl Tarot and getting the horoscope for the week. This is what our spread looked like when it was pulled.

The oracle card at the top is the advice for our Yang energy for the week. This is the masculine energy or the things that we do that can be seen. The African Goddess card at the bottom is the oracle for our Yin energy. This is the feminine or dark energy. This represents the parts of us we tend to hide. The parts of us that are unseen and the parts of us that produce our manifestations. If you want to catch the video reading for this spread then just click the YouTube word for the video.

If you want to read the spread then let's get into it.

The Yang energy for this week said "It is better to do nothing than to do what is wrong, for whatever you do, you do it to yourself". This is important to remember as you move around and interact with others. The things that you do will not only affect that person it will also affect you. The Yin advice that was given was by the Goddess of Magick and she says "I trust my intuition" Pretty awesome card for a Monday or Moonday don't you think?

The Goddess that is speaking to our darkness is the Goddess Isis. The Lesson this presents for us to ponder is "When is the last time you listened to your inner wise woman instead of your inner bully? You can create magic by having faith with the highest power within you. Consider this thought with the magic of Isis, Egyptian Goddess of healing.

Now that we have the oracles out of the way let's get into the reading. The first card in the position of what do I need to do to make this manifestation take place is the 4 of wands. Right off the bat we see fire energy. This is an action card but it is also a happy card. We have Venus in the third decant of Aries. This is a card that means abundance and profit and growth. Here Venus is sharing her beauty and her feminine ways in the sign of Aries. Though, Aries is the place of her detriment she will not be leaving Aries without giving Him something to remember her by. So what do you need to do to manifest your intention for the week? Embrace love and live abundantly. Remember to sprinkle some beauty and grace inside of your leadership. In the second position that ask what you need to avoid we are looking at the 7 of pentacles. This is a card that speaks about hard work paying off in business. However the position in this spread is saying what you need to avoid. Well we can see that this man is working but what he is doing is expecting a payout for his work before it is complete. This is the energy of Saturn teaching one how to stay the course and get the work done to gain your resources. While Taurus likes to be stable, Saturn is here to teach Taurus that, that stability comes with a steady and strong work ethic. This point is reaffirmed with we run right into he Hierophant in the next card position. The third position is the position that tell us what we need to acknowledge in order to to manifest our intention. Well again we come back with Earth energy and this time it is all about our Resources as the Hierophant is all about Resources and is about the hierarchy of ranks. The Hierophant is about tradition and following it. So you need to acknowledge that there are rules and traditions that needed to be followed of you are going to be successful even if you do nto agree with them. You need to acknowledge that these is authority that you may have to answer to in order to get to where you are trying to go this week. The last position is the position that ask what are our ancestors wanting to let us know this week as far as our intentions go. The 8 of swords was pulled.This is air energy. We are in the first decant of Gemini. Which is all about intellect and thoughts. This card shows a person being restricted and blocked in. They are blinded folded and their hands are tied. This person is tied because there are so many choices and they seem to not be able to focus on on task at a time. This is the Jupiter energy that comes in the sign of Gemini. These are all thoughts. Your ancestors are telling you to slow down. They are saying that you need to meditation and choose which task you will handle first. This way you will not feel restricted by what is going on around you. There is so much that is open and available to you that you feel as if you are restricted. Jupiter is also in it detriment in this sign. So just like Venus in Aries Jupiter is meeting the same fate however, this can be changed with a simply change in the way you are thinking about all the things that are looking at you. Make sure you meditate this week.

If you need help with meditation we run a daily podcast on our Facebook page every morning for the energy of the day. Today is the day of the Moon let's honor our intuition and prepare to use the energy of Venus throughout this week. We will be needing it as we learn how to get steady with our task and learn how to respect the traditions that will take us where we need to go. Have a great week!!!

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