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"Harnessing the Power of the Week Ahead Spread: Cut and Clear Spell from the Universe"

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This week is a very interesting week. We come in clearing the deck with The Wheel of Fortune. This is a card that talks about cycles and karma. We come in to the week preparing to see what we have been putting into the Universe. There are some turning points in things that have been going on. Some of you may have felt that things were looking bleak, as the week progresses you will find out that fate is not set in stone.

When Monday comes in , we may start to question that good fortune that we felt was coming on on Sunday. The Hierophant shows up again, this week but in the reversed position. The Hierophant is a card that deals with faith and change. The only thing that is constant is change, and the Heriophant is the personification of this. There is some need for liberation from the status quo. There are some things that you have been hanging on to that are not working out in your favor. The hierophant in the reversed position is calling you to examine these things and demonstrate to yourself your determination in your success.

Tuesday brings some new energy. This helps gets us back on the right track of feeling that luck that The Wheel of Fortune brought to us. The 3 of swords in the reversed position lets us observe the wound and lesson from holding on to things that did not really help us. This where we release the pain for the loss, make amends, and look toward your future success with some new found optimism. Which is kind of great the energy of Mars will help speed you into action with the new found happens in where you are going in life.

Wednesday bring is true to the nature of Mercury because we come in with the Ace of pentacles. The new found freedom and new outlook brings you fresh starts to your goal and work. You will now be meeting new challenges and will have a lot of enjoyment doing it. You are now on the trajectory of prosperity and success with these new changes and understandings.

The Page of Pentacles shows up on Thursday in true Jupiter fashion. You will not only be enjoying your new methods of moving, you'll be getting new message about money and acquiring new skills to pay the bills. Your diligence and hard work is paying off. This is new expansions in the things that you are doing. So the week started out a little shaky with you questioning the things that were happening but it is turning out to be good things that work in your favor.

Friday is right on target as well as far as things going up. The major arcana of The Lovers comes out. For some of you this is a love connection but for others you will be establishing some new partnerships in various areas of your goal attainment. Perhaps that message from Wednesday becomes a great partnership. The mental prowess around what you are doing is electrified. Whatever ideas you have going on in your head you should be making sure you write them down and plan it's execution.

Saturday show you that the beginning of all the things you have been working for showed up with the Ace of cups. This is a card that talking about beginning of prosperity, abundance, creativity, love, joy, and happiness. From September through Dec. This energy of new prosperity is will be very strong and visible for you.

This week is a cut and clearing of a sort. If you enjoyed it and would like a personal reading you can book it here. Stay Dark and Lovely While Spreading Your Love and Light

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