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"Unlocking the Mysteries: Tarot Forecasts for the Week Ahead"

There are Solar and Lunar eclipses happening in the skies this spring season. In addition to these celestial phenomena Mercury will also be going retrograde this week. However the first week of April proves to be a very productive and rewarding week for many of us. Let's take a look at this week's spread.

Sunday is Easter Sunday, so happy Resurrection Day to all the Believers in Jesus. Interestingly enough just as Jesus rose from the dead, so will you be walking into the newness of ascension . There is the energy of needing to get prepared and cleared for the level up that is happening for you. You have acquired enough knowledge and skill to embark upon a new journey of success and growth. This is indicated by the week starting off with the World Card. Congratulations the level up is real.

On Monday there will things that you need to keep in mind as you begin this new journey in successful awareness. The hanged man comes in to tell us that we need to take a step back rather than go all the way in. This is a task of self sacrifice so that we are getting a full picture and understanding of what it is we are embarking upon. When we get to new levels we also meet new devils. In this particular position you will find yourself having to alter certain ways of behavior. It is okay to take a step back and truly access what is natural and necessary to continue to display your gained insight and skill.

On Tuesday you will be pulling from the areas of strength that you have developed. This will be relying on some of the already tried and true methods of doing things. Sometimes to create a cohesive environment the Heirophant let's us know that tradition is not always outdated, and some traditions can still be useful in new situations.

The day of communication is when we do a little bit of damage control for lack of a better term. Wednesday is when you start to feel the flow of things and realize that there is much you can and need to do in order to maintain and propel the success you have gained and acquired this far. You will also be more keen to those who want to usurp your authority and wisdom.

That is perfectly okay, because by Thursday you will have gathered all the information you need to take the very necessary carefree approach to your new found position. You will no longer feel the need to sit back and observe. You are ready to let it all hang out and let the card fall as they may. This is the energy of the fool. You are now comfortable to step out on the faith of all that you have developed and allow it to speak for itself. Which is a much different energy than you had earlier in the week.

Friday you will see that all the work you did this week has paid off. Not only will you be accepted in your new position of authority, you are well liked and handle things very well. You will find yourself able to navigate all social interactions and interpersonal relationships with the greatest of accomplishment and ease. You are reaffirmed as the leader you worked to become.

As the week winds down you come into the full awareness that as long as you are using your mental capacity and intellect to navigate things, you will be assured of continued success in your life. Not only will this success apply to you it will apply to those who are around you as well. The Ace of Swords lets you know that you are able to navigate challenging situations with your mental capabilities. It also lets you know that success will continue to be granted to you because of your intelligence. Congratulations you have a fulfilling week headed your way.

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