Just When you Thought Mercury Retrograde was over... you realized Solar Flares

So, Mercury came out of retrograde on the 5th of September. So, many who dabble in the science of Astrology wiped our foreheads in relief. We can not travel and access all our communication rites and activities without the influence of Mercury retrograde. However, many who dabble in Astrology miss the part of Astronomy. While the energy of a planet when it comes to astrology detects the things we can not see such as characteristic and influence Astronomy in my personal opinion answers the questions to what we can see.

Now if we recall there was just a solar eclipse that has gone over America on the 21st of August 2017. Mercury was retrograde this day in the sign of Virgo. When you get Mercury in Virgo you have a nervous and hyper critical energy in play. This position needs to know the facts and then it needs to see everything conform to those facts. This tells us what the communication of this Solar eclipse in the sign of Leo was all about.

The other interesting factors about this retrograde is that it ended in the sign or constellations of LEO. Mercury in Leo plays no games. This is a great placement. It has a magnetic flair for dealing with people. If it does not get it's way then it's temper will also flair. This placements tends to be arrogant, full of hot air, and very boastful. These are the energies that came with the eclipse and the retrograde. The interesting part about this is Leo is ruled by the sun and herein lies the answer to why we are still having communication problems on Earth.

The sun is our source of energy and the sun runs on an 11year cycle.

Currently we are supposed to be in the bottom of the solar cycle. This is where minimum activity from the sun is supposed to occur. This is also the end of the 23 cycle since the sun has been observed at this level. This is also a period where cycle 23 (2+3=5) which is a 5 or the number for change will; overlap with the 24th cycle. THe 24th cycle would be a 6 cycle in numerology. So we are looking at a motherly cycle that is harmonious with others but can be intrusive. Nonetheless, observations have shown that sunspots that appear during the minimum cycle tend to be very hot. These dark spots on the sun surface can produce explosions and shoot off what is called coronal mass ejections (or CME). This is how we get to Mercury. It does not have to be Mercury in order for the energy to express itself. This is why knowing how planets affect each other is important and why Astrology is such a hard study.

What does this have to do with anything, you may be wondering by now? Well, those spots on the sun have been very active. On Monday September the 4th which was a Monday and the day of the moon; the sun started to sputter. A CME was produced by a moderately large flare, and sent a CME toward earth. The sun continued to have flares on the 5th as well. However, on the 6th the day of communication, Wednesday. Wednesday is the day is ruled by Mercury.

So we know that communication will be a problem and since this is being carried out by the sun, which is masculine energy well we know we will see this physically affect Earth and it has. The flares that were released on the 6th were category X flares which are the strongest of the solar flares. The second flare produced the CME that came toward Earth.

The first CME from these events reached Earth on the 7th. THis causes a geomagnetic storm. The CMEs that were released on the 6th also reached Earth the evening of the 7th. This was earlier than predicted,by a few hours. What does this mean for us? This means that radio communications will be blacked out at certain frequencies. This means that flights may have to be rerouted to protect passengers from high radiations levels. Some people are able to get a great showing of NORTHERN and SOUTHERN lights.

We are looking at the communications that are made via satellites being affected by these Cosmic storms. This is talking about communication between all kinds of different organizations and people being affected. This also means that we could be looking at a loss of cell usage. With Hurricane Irma making landfall communications and power outages could not only be from storm damage but because of the interference of the solar storms.

It really needs to be said that large solar flares could really become an issue, is this the "BIG ONE, that will bring apologetic change"? Highly doubtful. In 1989, in Quebec Canada there was a 6 day power outage for a lot of people because of geomagnetic activity. This does not speak to catastrophe. This does let us know that no matter how advanced our technology is the actions of the cosmos does affect us, rather one looks at it spiritually or scientifically. Presently, we need to pay attention, there is a Geomagnetic Storm Watch in effect and is expected to be there until the 14th of September.

Watch the skies, watch the stars, watch the luminaries, pay attention to the signs. Do this to help yourself. Would knowing these things help you if we were all going to die by a supersized piece of the sun breaking off? More than likely not, however if you truly want to understand yourself and the nature of the Universe and understand how everything is connected and how what most quantify as GOD is everything we see imagine and have no knowledge of, these are great things to look at connect the dots... and get your pen and paper ready incase you end up back on snail mail for a while.

For details see this article.

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