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Why is the Honey Pot Changing it's Recipe

This spread was read with the Melanated Tarot Deck by Orubia. This read was performed using the Celtic Cross Spread. This is a 10 card Spread. If you want to just listen catch the video

The First card is the Magician. This is significant because of the way the produced was conjured to be created. The story of how these products were conjured are written on the packaging of all the products. So this is defiantly and indication that we are on the right track in this reading. The magician is a person who took a leap of faith and realized that they had all the tools to make their dreams a reality. This is Mercurial energy and as we know Mercury is in retrograde right now, which would also explain how this information even came about being known to the public.

In the crossing position we have the 10 of wands and this cad is good Sagg, energy This is the 9th house of the zodiac where we meet out of the box thinking and even spiritual thinking and messages. Sagg is also a fire energy and the work of keeping the product as natural as possible seems to have become overbearing. It would seem that maybe it was more work than it seems to be worth.

One possible reason for this can be explained in the conscious thought position where the King of Swords sits. This is a masculine energy and it is a energy of authority. This energy is not only mature and authoritative this energy also deals with challenges and could be an indication f government and law. There could be legal reasons and also regulation

reasons why this change is happening. Considering also that she is not the Co founder and not the founder this could be a male in the position of authority that is swaying that the company move this way.

In the 4th position of the past we are looking at Gemini energy again and this energy is telling us that though we may feel betrayed that a new day will come. This is not the end and there will be a new way for us to to continue to maintain our vaginal health. It very well may mean some of us getting into our own creative flow and corning to restore balance.

Though we may feel betrayed we need to understand that how we feel as a community of women does not matter. In the position of subconscious thought we see, yet another King energy but he is reversed. This is a person that has unscrupulous morals, lack of virtue, and being seductive. In the case of what is happening the way that the change without notification to the public and the response that was given after the "Whistleblower" went viral, it was we can definitely see this king of ups reversed energy at play, This is interested because we see two very masculine energies at the top and bottom of this situation. This also reminds me of the 7 of pentacles I saw at the bottom of the deck. The seven of pentacles symbolizes not wanting to wait for a harvest. Perhaps the relationship with Black women being the primary community is not brining in a ripe enough harvest.

That is because in the position of the near future we see the Empress and we know all day long this is Venusian energy. She is about beauty, opulence, fertility, and her coin. There is a level of productivity that is expected to be reached in the near future and this change is what is going to bring that productivity.

Understand that this was not a decision made in haste. In the position of the 5 of swords. This Aquarian energy lets us know that the company was fully prepared that they may lose some customers because of this. This lets us know this was indeed a calculated loss. However, knowing about the lost does not mean there isn't any fear surrounding it. However, that fear does not outweigh the possibility of not taking the calculated risk.

The energy around the situation is that of the 10 of cups. This is a card of happiness, achievement, and abundance. I am personally thinking that her goal would be to sell the company and what we are seeing are the steps in order to do so. The purpose of selling the company is for her to just enjoy what abundance that comes to her.

The interesting thing here is in the 9th position we have the Queen of cups. This is generally a really good card. This time it is a bit questionable, because she in in the position of obstacles. So the virtues, maturity, intuitiveness and sensitive nature we may have thought was present , are no longer things that are thought to fulfill the ultimate goal. What we can also see if the conflict between the king of cups who is in reverse and the Queen who is sitting in the position of obstacles. There is and internal battle that is happening as it pertains exactly how to deal with these new decisions and how to tell the public.

The interesting thing here is we go out with more sagg energy and while this is a strategy that is being used to reach some goals. It is going to be seen that it is not the best strategy and something else will need to happen to bring the manifestation that the company is looking for.

At the end of it all we see a magician trying to work her magic and perhaps ritual she is working isn't bring her that she seeks. So she is trying another tool in her bag. that is what magicians do So at the end of the day ladies just remember it's not personal it's just business.

My initial reaction to all of this can be found here.

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