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Queen Booth

I was born Tanicka Booth. However after going through many spiritual transitions,  I was given a title and name. I am now Queen Sunkissed. I am a spiritual practioner who's passions is helping others on this journey.

I am a spiritual practitioner, who does divinations to help bring clarity and insight to people. I also perform ritual and ceremonies to help people manipulate the energy of the planet and cosmos to work in their favor. I do these things to help people realize and work to maintain reaching their destines.

This is important to me because many often just find themselves just mindlessly floating on the winds of life. This is not an effective way to reach your ultimate purpose in life. However, being able to help guide others on their path so they may start to know the real them and obtain their knowing of their life's purpose will raise not only that spirit but the vibration of the entire planet.

"I care about walking in my personal spiritual journey effectively. This allows me to also help other to do the same."

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