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As the age of Pisces is coming to an end and we enter the age of Aquarius there are many noticeable changes when it comes to the area of religion. There are people who are leaving what they knew as religion growing up to people going and embracing other religions that mainstream to where they live. Then there are others who are delving into the sea and picking up on religions that are found in other countries. Rather this is because of idealism, fantasy, or their personal truth is is truly something beautiful to see.

Yet, there is an argument that brews between those that have chosen to go the pagan route. What is spiritual and what is not. Allow me to say this, there is not defined thing of spirituality. When each of us was born, including animals and plants there was a mapped out plan for us. (I am not talking about pre-destiny or anything like that. However, if that is the only way you can process this thought then go with it. ) What I am talking about is the reason your spirit, soul, essence, or whatever you define it as (if you even believe in that sort of thing) came back to this planet or this realm. Each one of us is here for a different reason. We all have our different views. We all have a different way of doing things. This means that you can not box in a person into a certain way and tell them this is what GOD intended.

It is my personal belief that, this is the reason why we are seeing more and more people leaving traditional religions. These are means of controlling what people do. So if a person is limited from reaching their higher self because they are bound by the constraints of a man made religion then, that is spiritual detriment. If God is all and all is GOD how then are people able to define what is God-like?

On my Spiritual journey I have come to learn that GOD really can do whatever he, she, it wants to do when he, she , it wants to and how he, she, it wants to do it. So does it really matter what religion you utilize? NOT REALLY. There are many that like to talk down upon other religions claiming that they are lost or what have you. Well spirituality is getting in touch with the divine unseen parts of yourself that is apart of the divine comic consciousness that is connected to everything.

So what is Spirituality if it is not religion. Spirituality is being authentically you and learning to listen to that part of yourself that knows all, and depending what you are here for your knowing may be totally different from another knowing. Your Spirituality is yours and never allow anyone to make you feel bad about where you are on your path. We are all here for a divine purpose that we have to remember. Some may have more colorful language and they may speak about things that are foreign to another as well as your practicality may be something they can never grasp. Everything is about the self and self mastery is the only way to truly learn what your authentic spirituality looks like. Rather you be love and light or dark and lovely you are part of the ALL.

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