The Occultism of Leadership and Submission

When it comes to relationships there are some really interesting things that go on with them. One of the most heated discussions that one can have is one about SUBMISSION. Submission is such a dirty word in today's society, Especially, for African American women.

Why is this? One is there is a lot of healing that needs to take place. While we will not be discussing much on healing in this particular blog, you can catch some wisdom about healing here.

What we will be discussing is one of the the Principals of Hermetics. The principal of gender is the 7th hermetic principle. This principle is really misunderstood. This is not about biological gender... although it applies in some ways. This is speaking of the principle of things. Let's explore what gender is. According to the Kybalion ...

"this principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything- the Masculine and the Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plan, but of the mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifest as SEX, on the higher planes it takes higher forms, but the Principle is ever the same. No creation, physical, mental, or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. An understanding of its laws will throw light on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of men. The Principle of Gender works ever in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains the two Elements or Principles, or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Males thing has the Female Element also; every Female contains also the Male Principle. If you would understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation, Generation and Re-generation, you much understand and study this Hermetic Principle. It contains the solution of many mysteries of Life. We caution you that this Principle has no reference to to the many base, pernicious and degrading lustful theories, teaching and practices, which are taught under fanciful titles, and which are a prostitution of the great natural principle of Gender. Such base revivals of the ancient infamous forms of Phallicism tend to ruin mind, body, and soul, and the Hermetic Philosophy has ever sounded the warning note against these degraded teaching which tend toward lust, licentiousness, and perversion of Nature's principles. IF you seek such teaching, you much go elsewhere for them- Hermeticism contains nothing for you along these lines. To the pure, all things are pure; to the base, all things are base."

Now that we have gotten that out the way let's get into what this has to do with leadership and submission. Now when it comes to actual gender of dealing with sex. The Sun is considers masculine and is usually associated with men. The moon is considered feminine and usually considered to be associated with women. Why is this because society expects men to be very active and seen. There is no missing the Sun it must shine everyday in order for life to sustain itself. The Masculine is actually expressive energy. Not necessarily male energy. The moon must also shine for life to be sustained. However, the moon can also go into darkness and that must also happen as well for things to stay in a state of harmony for all life on the planet. The moon is responsible for our seasons changing... even though those celebrations are usually accredited to the Sun because it shortens and lengthens our days. However it is the gravitational pull of the moon that causes this. However that is not what we are are to discuss. So back to the topic.

Now based on this law there is masculine and feminine in everything. However society has not taught that part of the truth. Society pushes this image that men must lead and they must lead in all things. Society does not also advocate that there is feminine energy inside of the masculine. Notice the Yin/yang in the picture of this blog. Society does not teach that there is also masculine (expressive energy) in feminine energy as well. Since the moon is thought to be passive then women are taught and expected to be very quiets and docile. Men are expected to be outgoing and very close to war like. This has caused a rift in relationships between men and women. Since it is not really taught that the two exist in one, there are many false ideologies and stereotypes that are being pushed that are not healthy of either party.

See not only does the sun represent the masculine energy, it also represents the EGO which is our motivation. The reason why we do any of the things we do. So women have egos as well. The moon also has other associations like our emotional state. We are human and we are not perfect. Therefore it is very unreasonable to expect a person to always be expressive and another to always be quiets or sit in the shadows. Yet, society has perpetuated the lie that men are the ones who much always be out shining in the front. Men are brutal and ect.... yet the moon is very deceptive and sneaky as well. Therefore, this is not entirely correct. Simply making young boys grow up to think being a man is running over everything to get what you want is wrong. IT does not foster a good environment to foster a healthy relationship with a woman. Having young girls grow up to believe that all a woman does is stand in the background and do what is needed for a man to shine is not a healthy state of being for a young woman.

There are times when the other energy will need to take over. This is when each needs to know the strength and weakness of their partner so that the proper leader can take control of that situation. See putting up this false ideology that men must always lead and should know everything is very stressful. This also creates unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. You get a man who actually thinks his job and role is to control everything and everyone in his path and he is unable to be a healthy partner to a woman. When men exhibit such behaviors with women who may have more expressive energy that society has programmed the masses to believe that women have, it is very alienation and abusive to that woman. To the women who are very receptive in nature they may believe they deserve and should be treated in a negative man. This creates an aspect of mistrust between the two genders.

While the men may think that this is an easy feat, they are not typically the ones that are on the receiving end of being made to feel inferior. No one likes to feel they will never and can never be equal to someone they should be equally yoked with. This makes women not want to submit to any man. This makes Submission become a disgusting word. The connotation of the word is negative to a lot of women, based on their experience and societal programming. However, there are many men who have no issue with it, and why would they; they are not the ones that will be in the position to be abused.

Let's look at the word submit when it comes to the Merrian Webster Dictionary online:


verbsub·​mit | \ səb-ˈmit \submitted; submitting

Definition of submit

transitive verb

1a: to yield to governance or authority

1b: to subject to a condition, treatment, or operation the metal was submitted to analysis

2: to present or propose to another for review, consideration, or decision also : to deliver formally submitted my resignation

3: to put forward as an opinion or contention we submit that the charge is not proved.

The issue here is the words governance or authority. These words indicate that someone is over you or superior to you. However to be an effective leader or even in a healthy relationship one has to know that effective leadership is also submitting to those who have more strength than you have in a particular area. A good leader knows when to take a back seat so to speak. Leadership really has nothing to do with the actual biological gender of a person. It has more to do with who has the stronger expressive energy for the particular situation. There are time when the passive energy will also have to take the leadership role, just because a person is male or female does not mean that they have more expressive or receptive energy. That would really depend on who has what in their natal chart and how those two energies work with each other. It also depends on what those energies are most effective in dealing with. Just because some one may have a more predominate moon or sun does not mean that they are the "leader" in the relationship. Everyone has to play to their strengths and know when to relinquish power when a situation they are not the best in comes up. Knowing and doing this is how submission naturally happens.

Submission is not a ugly word. It is not something that brings up strife and conflict in your life if you truly understand balance and are working toward wholeness and health. Leadership is not dependent solely upon biological gender and neither is expressive energy always the energy that should lead. There had to be fluidity in relationships and people need to learn the art of just letting things be. Things will naturally fall into place without there being a need for force.

Until next Blog...

Stay Dark and Lovely While Spreading Your Love and Light!!!

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