Tarotstrology: Success, Entrepreneurship, New Beginings

What does the Universe have to say to you for the month of July? Well in this Month's Tarotstroloy spread we take a deeper look into the cards by also syncing them with the stars. So pull out your natal charts and lets get to work on what this message could be saying for you!!!!

1st House/First Card:

The First house is commonly known as the house of I Am. This is the house that explains how everyone sees you. This will be the house where you will find your rising sign and the sign that rules your chart. In the first house we got the Page of cups. This means For the month of July when people see you they will see you as having a new beginning. This card is telling you to keep a fresh outlook on life and good news will come to remind you of this. You have a lot of new things coming around that will test your wills so this card is saying that you need to remember the healing power of laughter.

Now this card is Ruled by all the signs of Summer so lets address how their rulers affect the card and the house.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so we will look at how the moon in the first hour pertains to the Page of Cups. This is saying that home life could betaking a new priority to you.It says that you have a imaginative and creative way of expressing yourself and you are also imaginative when you read other people.

The Sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun in the first house says that people will see you as an independent person with leadership abilities. You will also become more confident with yourself. Remember pages are about new energy and they also bring messages.

Venus in the first house says that you will appear as flirtations and charming to people. It says that you may also spend a little bit too much on your appearance this month. We are looking at Venus because it rules Scorpio.

The Second House:

The second house is the house of possessions and resources. This is the house that tell how one acquires and gains things in life. These are things that you take with you in life. The house of movable possessions if you will. The house produced the 7 of cups. The card is about confusion, ambition, speculation, and decisions. This card says that you will get great reward for unusual mental and creative activities.

This card is ruled by Scorpio and Scorpio is ruled by two planets. The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars. This means that you have great earning potential because you love money. This position says that you need to put those money making ideas to work or you need to venture out into entrepreneurship.

The modern rules of Scorpio is Pluto, and this card goes well with the theme of the Seven of cups as well. This position says that one is adventurous with their money not afraid to take risk. This position also indicates that there could be a change in the way you make your money.

The Third House:

The Third House of the Zodiac is about Communication. This house relates to your self- expression, family ties,and day to day travel. In this position the 5 of pentacles was pulled. This card speaks about hardship, poverty and scarcity. Now how could that be when when we were just looking at good energy to make money in the second house? Well ...

This carded is ruled by Taurus which is ruled by the planet Venus. So we will look at Venus in the third house and see what is going on. This says that you like to live good and you are cheerful and creative and elegant person when it comes to speech and writing. However you can be mentally lazy and you can be superficial and swayed by your emotions. These things can lead to a decrease in the money making energy that you have for the time of the summer.

The Fourth House:

This is the house of the home and early childhood. This is where you find out what kind of childhood you had growing up what you bring to this life and what your domestic affairs are like. In this position the Sun was pulled. The sun is a card that speaks of new friendships and relationships. This card says these new relationships will bring happiness and contentment. However, there is a lot of change that comes along with it and if you tough it out it will bring you endless possibilities going forward in life.

The Sun in the 4th house says that you take a lot of pride in your home and family. It also speaks about a parent being important to you. So you may find yourself developing and even stronger relationship with the father parental figure in your life over the course of the summer and this relationship will be very influential in your expansion.

The Fifth House:

This is the house of Creativity and sex. This is the house that speaks on the things you do for pleasure. This is basically the house of your heart. This house shows how you enjoy life. Here we find the 9 of pentacles. The nine of pentacles are all about prosperity, wealth, and abundance. This card is ruled by Virgo and Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury.

Mercury in the 5th house says that you express yourself in a dramatic way and that you like change and new people. However, it says not to be too critical of your loved ones. Any new relationship you get in must be intellectually stimulating or you are not going to have it. So your abundance is also going to be coming from the people you meet on this new journey. Pick your friend wisely.

The Sixth House

This is the house of service and health. This is the house that tell how you work How you help others and the world. It also talks about how you relate to the people who work under you. The card that was pulled for this house was the 4 of cups. This card is about disappointment and dissatisfaction. This card essentially says to not be afraid to move forward. This card is ruled by Cancer , so to find out the details of this we look at the moon in the 6th house.

The moon in the six house is a sign of frequent job changes it also says that work can have a toll on your health. Since cancer rules the stomach this may give you plenty tummy aches. The 4 of cups is telling you to let it go and journey on.

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The Seventh House:

The seventh house is the house of partnerships and marriage. This house tell about your mate in life (Husband, Wife). This also speaks of work partnerships as well. This house tell how harmoniously you are able to work with others. The Knight of Pentacles was the card pulled for this house. The know of pentacles speak of ambition, being dependable and encouraging. This card is saying that a young male will bring the encouragement you need to achieve your goals as long as you have patience.

This card is ruled by Virgo and Leo. So we will look at the Sun in the 7th house and Mercury in the 7th house. The sun in the seventh house says that you are promised success in marriage and partnership. Both will bring you material, monetarily, and social benefit. The person that you get into these relationships with will be of honorable character. However, you should not try to dominate this person as that is a characteristic of the sun being in the 7th house.

Mercury in the 7th says that business partnerships in law, literacy, or communications will be beneficial to you. Because of the Knight of Pentacles looking for a young dependable man in these areas. It says that you have to have intellectual combustibility in your marriage and partnerships. So if a young man comes along but his smarts don't match yours then pass allow him to journey on.

The Eighth House:

The Eighth house is the house about death, regeneration, and legacies. This is where your spiritual transformations take place and it is quite fitting that this being a mystical house that the Heirophant would be the card that was pulled in this house. The Heriophant is about dogma , marriage, union and regiment. The card is ruled by Taurus. So back again to Venus.

Venus in the 8th house says that you can inherit money from a loved one or marriage partner. It also says that you can gain because of the career achievements from someone close to you. However, it is also saying that you need to keep your regiment in tack and be almost dogmatic about what you are doing in your journey forward toward success.

The Ninth House:

The ninth house is the house of mental exploration and travel. This is the house of higher education and the house of long journeys. The card that was pulled for this position in our reading was the Tower. This says that dramatic change, loss, ruin, new starts, and unexpected events could be happening around your education and traveling. It says that relationships may need to be restructured in order to be maintained. It says going through the rough patches you are going to face in your new path will bring you a bright future.

This card is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars in the 9th house is someone who thinking for themselves. THey are independent in thoughts. This person is also open to change and seeks out experiences to live life. This position bring financial gain and or honor when it comes to education. So this card is saying that don't regret any of the steps you take simply just walk through the fire and you will come out very refined at the end of it all.

The Tenth House:

This is the house of Careers and Public Standing. This talking about all the things outside of your home and how people regard you in life. The three of swords is the card that was pulled for this position and it is about disappointment loss and separation. This card is saying that a lot of emotional turmoil is coming because a new path is being cleared to make room for new things. This card is ruled by the sign Libra.

Venus in the 10th house indicates a scandal or disappointment because of a woman. It says that you should use charm and diplomacy to further your own interest in the situation. So if your boss is a woman well she may upset you over this month of this summer, if this reading is speaking about your relationship then look out for the actions of your female lover.

The Eleventh House:

Hopes, Wishes, and Friends is the theme of this house. This house talks about long term dreams and intellectual pleasures. It talking about different clubs and organizations you may belong to. It talking about how you enjoy others. The 7 of swords was pulled for this position. This means that your have unknown opponents, someone trying to steal something from you. It says that your success depends on your ability to overcome obstacles. Diplomacy and cleverness will resolve the conflict. This card say strategy determines if you loose or come out ahead. This card is ruled by Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus.

Uranus in the 11th house means that you form attachments and friendships suddenly, you attract people from different walks of life and you have a unique personality.

Saturn in the 11th house for it is the traditional ruler of Aquarius says that you form true and lasting friendship and you have high aspirations but you have silly delays and obstacles and you need to be aware of the underhanded motives of others.

The 7 of swords in this position is simply stating that the new relationships you make you need to play really close attention to these people no matter how you may think you feel about them.

The Twelfth House:

This is the house of secrets and self undoing. This is a mystical house as well. This house tell about the limitations placed in your life this is the house of Karma, spiritual debt. reward and punishments it is also the house of psychic powers. The card that was pulled for this house is the 5 of cups. This cars is about detachment, loss, and new homes. This card says it is fine to discover alternative paths but not to do so to avoid the truth. It says that you need to be ready to repair the damage that you cause and forgive yourself. This card is ruled by Scorpio.

Pluto in the twelfth house want to deeply understand philosophical questions. Pluto is the planet of transformation. This is an excellent placement with all the change continuously mention in this reading. This says that you area private person and you do not share your emotions easily. Which may work to your advantage based on what we just saw in the 11th house.

Mars in the 12th house says there is a repressed sexual nature that is intense. It says you keep your deep feelings secret from the world. You have strong intuitive powers that can be used to your advantage. So detachment is the advice that this reading is ending with. Using your spiritual powers to stay ahead of the game and keep yourself protected on this journey.


Over all For July get ready to start a new beginning. This new beginning energy will last all summer and go into the fall months. You will meet lots of new people and your personality will be what attracts them to you. However, these people are not all there to help you. You are looking for young men, and father figures to help you in your journey. Expect a woman to become a source of disappointment for you within the next few weeks. However, you are looking successful in your new adventure if you can stay the course. This concludes this month's Universal Tarotstrology Reading. See you next month for the continuation.

If you want to know how these energies affect you personally then please book a reading and lets discuss it.

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