TarotScope for 3/12-3/18

Today our Weekly intention spread was full of emotion. So let's look at how the astrology plays in and what we should be looking for.

In the 1st position we has the 2 of pentacles. This is a Earth card. This is Capricorn with Jupiter in its sign. When Jupiter is in Capricorn it is in its fall. Meaning that Jupiter can not be expansive as it wants to be because Capricorn is not having it. However, the nature of Jupiter and the nature of Capricorn is to have things in order and work hard. So in the position of What do we need to do to manifest our intentions we know to find our balance is working for our resources and expanding for our resources.

The second position we got the 2 of cups. This is Venus in Cancer. We are talking Earth and fire. So we are speaking of looking at spiritual loss and emotional loss. The 2 of cups is saying that you need to avoid romantic relationships. This position asks what you need to avoid. The 2 of cups is all about romance, partnerships, and new love. This is saying that the passion you want may have to go on ice. It will not serve you to dance in a romantic relationship while truing to manifest your intentions this week. This is not mud you want.

Tired of reading here's the video

In the third position of we are asked what do we need to acknowledge. This time we are looking for a mist. We have mars in Scorpio. This is leadership and hidden emotions. This also covers passion. Scorpio is emotional but the emotions are hidden. Keep in mind that cancer has its fall in Scorpio and your previous card and the last card falls under Cancer. With Mars being in the sign of Scorpio we are looking at leadership though those depths of Scorpio emotions. The five of cups speaks about loss. We could be mourning over not being able to engage in this love relationship that was brought up in the 2 of cups. However there are goals to be manifested and all is not loss we just need to place our attention there.

The fourth position ask us what messages are our ancestors trying to bring us. Here again with the emotions. It doesn't get any more emotional than this. We have the 4 of cups. We are talking about the moon in Cancer. The moon is home here. However the 4 of cups is about being unhappy with the things that you have in front of you. Home life is panning out it be boring but your ancestors are telling you to pay attention because there is satisfaction there if you just look in front of you. So over all we are looking at a profitable but very emotional week.

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