Shadow Work in the Season of Manifestation

When most people get all freaked out and spooked when they hear the words retrograde. Well here is a dozy for you. There are 5 planets that have gone or will be going retrograde this summer. How does this translate to your Natal Chart? When planets go retrograde this is the time to do some inner searching. There are 6 planets in retrograde this Summer. Jupiter has come out of retrograde but will remain in the sign of Scorpio until the 9th of November. However Jupiter will go direct on the 10th of July. However that still leaves 6 other planets in retrograde. These six planets are the planets that have either have gone or will go retrograde over the summer. The planets of Saturn and Pluto have been retrograde since April. We will discuss the summer retrograde. What do these energies mean?

NEPTUNE in Retrograde

Neptune is the planet of Illusions. When some planets go into retrograde they loose some of their power. Neptune is one of these planets. While Neptune enjoys setting up illusions over things that you see, when it goes retrograde the veil is lifted. All the lies and illusions that you may feed yourself or that may have been fed to you will dissipate. This opens up the space you need to make moves. The shadow work in this retrograde is to look at the things you have been experience and see them for what they actually are. Neptune rules of the sign of Pisces and Pisces loves to dream. Well with Neptune in retrograde the dream period is over and it is time to get into action and make plans without the fog of Neptune clouding what you see.

MARS in Retrograde

With Mars in retrograde it is important not to start new things. The RE in retrograde is important. It is the time to go over those things that have happened in the past. Starting new things when Mars in is in retrograde can cause you to have to undo a mess later. These new things that are started during a Mars retrograde can turn out to be in opposition to what your intention was in starting them. Which could create a mess later on that you have to untangle. This like work can seem very mundane and pointless under this retrograde. While Mars is usually very energetic and passionate when it goes retrograde is looses some of that passion and fire. The good thing about this is the war like energy of the planet is still present. So, if you have been having an issue with something that was the aggressor then you can expect to gain a victory over that opponent.

MERCURY in Retrograde

Mercury is the planet that most people love to hate. Mercury rules over contracts, day to day travel, and communication. So when Mercury goes retrograde lots of people go into panic mode. The interesting thing about Mercury going retrograde is it happens at least 3-4 times a year. With this retrograde happening so often, one could expect people to know how to utilize the energy. Unfortunately that is not the case. As stated before retrograde energies are for you to take the energy and internalize it. Everything starts with the self. Mercury is a great planet to utilize the mirror on yourself. After all, it is the ruling planet of Gemini. The zodiac sign that has a glyph for two mirror and whose mascot are twins. When this planet goes retro this is a time to make sure you are crossing your T's and dotting your I's. This is not the time to get into a petty argument through email with a coworker. With this energy being retrograde you could very easily send this email to the wrong person. This is not a time to sign new contracts either. Can you look over contracts? Of course! However, you should wait to sign these things until the retrograde is over. Usually around this time we see a lot of things like solar flares happening with the sun. This causes disruptions in the process that are set up to cause communications to flow between computer systems and phone systems. Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to purchase new technology especially major purchases like cars. This could result in the purchase item having malfunctions. The retrograde of Mercury is for you to look at current situations and in some cases even past ones and see where you can do something different. If you are going to very meticulous in your scrutinizing and analyzing of various situations, then you can go ahead and make some new moves doing the retrograde. Just check everything and check it more than twice with a fine tooth comb. That includes that ex relationship that may attempt to find itself in your graces once again.

URANUS in Retrograde

Uranus is our planet of rebellion. When Uranus goes retrograde it gains power. This retrograde will being you great changes and one could almost call these changes destiny. While the things that happen during a Uranus retrograde were going to happen to you anyway, Uranus just comes to bring sooner rather than later. These changes can be favorable or unfavorable however, one should not look at these changes as a negative thing even though they may typically feel that way. Uranus brings in change to push you out of your comfort zone so you can make moves toward where you are supposed to be. This retrograde is good to go with hunches and use your creativity and imagination. This is a very good time to have this retrograde because for the first 5 of the 6 months that it is retrograde Neptune is also going to be retrograde. So this mean that you do not have to do so much work in balancing illusions against your imagination. The cloudy mind that Neptune brings will be much less powerful doing this time which means that you are able to think clearly and bring that creative energy to an unclouded mind. This retrograde causes us to face fears and things we dread in our lives.


The energies that are presented here seem to work really well together. Now that you know what all these retrogrades mean, you can look at your personal natal chart and see exactly how and where these energies will play out in your life. If you would like your natal chart report we would be happy to read you. Just click HERE and get your Natal Report.

Love and Light PATHFINDERS stay DARK and LOVELY!!!

Until Next Time,


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