Prayer to Mars

Mars ruler of passion and aggression

Ruler of energy and boldness Ruler of Violence and Courage

Ruler of fire and Earthquakes

We adore you for your energetic mind of action. We are in awe of your brilliant intelligence, the creativeness of your new idea. We implore you to bring in the force of will we need to not cultivate delay and excuses for such.

We honor and ask for your passionate ways. We ask that you bestowed upon us the adventurous leadership skill of pioneering, that embodies you lord of passion. We ask that you fire us up with the passion of righteous war that we may bring destruction to all things that serve us no purpose.

Yet may the quick tenderness of your power, the brash and impulsiveness of your being find their harmony in the righteousness of your passions and endurance.

You are the spear of Geburah, the archangel of Seraphim. You are power and strength.

We honor you on this Day Great Sphere of Mars

May your power energize us into our personal power today.



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