If Your Practice is Not Labeled, You do Not Have a Practice?!

There are many different spiritual practices. In America, the most commonly known are the Christian paths (Yes there are several paths of Christianity), the Islamic path and it's different practices. There is the Shinto religion which has it different paths as well; as least as far as I can tell I am still learning about this one. There is the Hindu religion which also has several paths.

In the African American community there has been an influx of interest in the African Traditional Religions. There are several of them. There is IFA and it has it's standards but, there are differences among them as well. There are different versions of Voodoo which include New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Voodoo, just plain Voodoo, and more. All of these system from what I understand branch from Voudon. However, all these different versions of Voodoo branched into bigger practices of their own and extensions of Voodoo. IFA is it's own religion and it deals with Orisha worship specifically, and there are people who separate IFA from Orisha worship and they call it Orisha or Orisha worship.

This brings me to the point, that RELIGION is RELIGION; no matter what it's name may be. Every religion has it's bounds. When you get in touch with your spirit you know that it has no bounds. You are what you say you are. You are the manifestation of the body of the cosmetic energy. You are part of the great divine source. When you know this, no man can quantify what GOD will and won't do. God is you. Many people spit this out. It becomes really clique. There is nothing like truly having that understanding and it comes with mastering self. Another rather clique term.

In-spite of the clique terms, it can not be denied that there are fundamental truths to you finding yourself so deep in God that you find yourself. You have to let go of others programming and discerning the voice of God that was speaking to you when you were being programmed. This can take you everywhere and anywhere because you have to know that while all of this matters, it really does not matter at all. What matters is why you are here and what your energy is needed to accomplished to continue to keep the body functioning at it will anyway. However, how many times do you want to keep traveling the same roads? Do you wanna walk through the maze or the Labyrinth?

Got Questions? Leave a comment or post to us on our FaceBook Wall so come and drop your thoughts and who knows GOD could speak to me through you and God could to speak to you through me. We love to interact with you all.

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