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#TOTD Retrogrades Are For Do Overs in Life

Today's tarot of the Day comes straight from our 12th house. This card carries the spiritual vibration of a three.

The Hanged Man is always able to manifest things. However when you see him in a reversed state he is saying that you need a change of perception. You need to look at your situation from the area of the Neschamah (higher self) rather than the Nephesch (animal soul) or the Ruach (ego). Viewing your situation from the same perspective are signed that your spirit is being held captive of things you are bonded or attached to. It's time to let go.

This card Carrie's Neptunian energy. Since today is Moonday we are looking at matters of the heart. When you find the moon in the house of Neptune we find a really compassionate and emotional person. Yet this person is really good at hiding or making their emotions. These people closely guard their emotions as a form of protection. They will share in the most secure relationships but even then there is some hesitancy there. These people also spend a lot of time alone. If you find yourself being alone too much today, then get out. Even if you simply walk in a park that is movement to not be clouded in your alone thoughts. Even though your intuition is on point and you are able to be in tune with your subconscious we are still social creatures and need that social interaction.


If your Neptunian energy is blocked this means that you are unable to move from seeing things with your heart to. More logical line of thinking easily. Here you are simply refusing to to back to normal day to day life. You feel that to leave your place of current understanding will cause all hell to break loose. Well if you never interact in the world you can never truly k ow how much you've actually grown. Take all that time of solitude and the things you have learned, and put it to practice in the real world. Not doing so can lead you to a place of stress and illness can manifest because of it. Then the hell that you feared becomes a hell of your own making.


If you saw this card and felt protected then you should examine if you are able to deal with the real world or if you are still trying to escape what you are dealing with in the real world. Take a look at your spiritual practices. Are they serving you? Are you honest about esther they are serving you or not? If you find they are not then perhaps its time to evaluate a different path or make some changes. Remember the Hanged Man is usually in a state of meditation and is unconcerned about being tied upside down from a tree. This could be because he tied himself there to give himself a change to escape. However, the card being upside down is saying that being upside down in the tree isn't really helping him and maybe he should do something different. Do you need to do something different? Is the card protecting you from yourself?


Well Pisces is a dreamer and it is a water sign that is ruled by the Planet Neptune. Water is reflective. Welcome to your mirror of emotional manifestation. This card is telling you to embrace the receptive nature of water and make room for the things you want to manifest. If you feel this card is a mirror to you, it is telling you that you need to get disciplined with your meditation and spiritual practices. This is no easy feat, even the Hanged Man had to tie himself to a tree.


Oooh the shadow, the part of messages where we get our toes smashed. What could be the shadow of the Hanged Man? This is where one uses the tools of spirituality to get their spiritual fix. These people aren't actually doing the work. They are simply getting all the good feels and the highs of spiritual tools. These people can be found jumping from spiritual group to group on social media. They can be found hounding all sorts of practitioners for messages, they can be found jumping from ritual circle to chanting spaces, and never find the time to actually do the work of SELF. You want to move away from the highs of the tools and get to that still place of the Neschamah. With this being reversed you are being asked what are you holding on to in order to get your high? Are you able to see how these things that make you feel good are actually holding you back and stunting your growth? Can you be that honest with yourself and bring light to your shadow?


Neptune is currently in retrograde. With retrogrades we know that the energy expelled by the planet is to be turned internally. We know that a Neptune in retrograde doesnt give off as much illusions energy as it fx does with it is direct. To actually see how you manifest the way you do, this card is telling you to slow down and watch your steps as you make them. This is saying the veil is lifted for you, however if you do not take the time to actually examine what is being revealed, you'll miss your lessons and valuable information. It's like over looking the glass of water you just made, and sat down. Had you only taken your time and looked you'd of found it.


The Hanged Man is a great card to pull. It is totally about manifestation, gain for sacrifice in the positive aspects. In the negative aspects discontinuation, and being stuck in limbo. Which message of this reversed card speaks to you on this emotional Monday? Don't allow these situations to stunt your growth, get the message and take action. Embrace the energy of your crown chakra. Happy Moonday Pathfinders.

Stay Dark and Lovely while spreading your Love and light.

Until Next Time 🖤

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