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That's Not Your Mama, I'm Yo' Mama!!!

When I was in my early motherhood ( you can still say I am there), my oldest child use to call every woman he ran into mommy. If you were a woman you were mommy. This did not apply to women whom spirit his spirit did not agree with. Now, for many women this would take them aback. However, for me it helped me to "pick my friends like I pick my fruit"-E.Badu

See I am bit of a traditionalist when it comes to certain things. Actually I am traditionalist when it comes to a lot of things. I do feel that you can not progress your present if you do not honor your past. So when I gave birth to life ( the first birth I gave was death, by firstborn was a stillbirth); I knew to do more watching of that life than I did to manipulate it. See, I could have indoctrinated him to only call me mother, mom, mommy, what have you simply because he is mine. However, I feel like I am his guide and his portal to this realm more so than he is MY child. Him coming from a realm that I have to prepare to enter I knew he would come with some knowledge that I had long lost.

This meant I need to do more watching than I needed to do instructing. The little baby taught me so many things. Yet, before he started talking I had already been given a lesson from spirit that it is okay for him to call another woman mommy. This while alarmed me for a second at first sparked me into deep thought. I was like why would it offend me that he calls another woman mommy? Do we not like for other women to be around our children? Do we not appreciate the insight that those women whom we value can give us helpful insight in this journey of life and the journey of motherhood? So, why when a woman who presents mother like qualities to my child comes along and he honors her with the title of mommy, mother, mama, et.; would I be offended? We all like honors don't we?

Before, modern times when most of the world was tribal and closer to nature this was not a problem. So it makes sense to be being so deeply rooted and grounded in traditional ways, that it was perfectly okay with me when my child called another woman mother. I felt honored to be in the presence of women who also honored alongside myself. Remember Queens fix each other crowns, and this child was letting me know who could speak to me when I needed to be spoken to. He was letting me know those women who could help me to guide him properly when the road gets a lil tough.

What a great honor and what a rather direct way to notice the voice of God speaking. Now when he would do this, many of the women he called mother would be slightly appalled as well. I simply shrugged it off as ole well he calls you mom. I never really elaborated to them why I never bothered to correct him. Hopefully, they read this blog or it comes up in conversation one day and we can have a face to face. Remember ladies it takes a village to raise a child.

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