Level One Ritual:

This is the first line of ritual work 

this will most time be all that is required for you to get the results you are looking for. 

Home Blessing:

Moving to a new place? Need to clear some stagnant energy from your home?

Need to get rid of some type of spirit or energy? This is the service for you. We will send you a video to play as well as the products you need to complete the house blessing. If you desire a live video, add 30.00 to the total price. Then schedule a time with us through email.

Level Two Ritual Consultation: 

This is a stronger version of Level One Ritual work. This is for those of you who know that you need some extra umph in your work. This is also for those who have tried work before and it did not work. 

Jumping the Broom Consultation

Thinking about getting hitched and want a more spiritual ceremony or a different type of officiant than the church pastor? We are ordained to perform marriages. 

Handfasting is a ceremony that is similar to what many know as traditional marriage. However, this is not done in the traditional way. You do not need to have a marriage certificate to have a handfasting ceremony and you are your partner are recognized as married amongst your community and peers. The payment here is for the consultation to discuss the details of the cost of ceremony according to your desires. 

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