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Sunkissed Spiritual Consulting is a Spiritual Place that facilitates transformation in people. The founder of this spiritual space is an Ancient Atlantian being. This was a civilization that was highly civilized and advanced. The Wisdom of Djehuty also known as Thoth also known as Hermes comes from this group of Children of Light. 


We help people find their path to light through divination, ritual, and consultation. There is no judgement here only truth. Because the truth will help you face the shadows of your darkness and it will lighten your heart in the Hall of Ma'at. 

As the ascended Masters of Light we would love to help you get to the Center again. We are looking to work with those who are ready to take the journey through darkness.   Stop by, book a divination service, ritual service, or just converse with other occultist. Thank you for trusing us with your energy and We will see you soon. Stay Dark and Lovely While Spreading Yout Love and Light!